August-2020 Dr. Qiao Qi joined us from Oklahoma. Welcome!


Tien published his second first-author paper on Fluid Phase Equilibria.  (Link) Congrats!

This paper is about the effect of ZW materials on ionic solvation and transport in PEO 


Nan, the visiting student published a machine learning paper on the Journal of Physical Chemistry C  (Link) Congrats!

This research is to develop a deep-learning neural network force field for Li-Si systems


Dr. Shao published a paper on the "Journal of Materials Chemistry B Emerging Investigators".  (Link)

This paper is to investigate the allosteric effect of peptides on recombinant proteins


Dr. Shao published a 1st author paper on PNAS based on his postdoc. work at NCSU.  (Link)

This paper focuses on understanding the mechanisms governing the co-assembly of peptides. Here are some new reports about this paper.  Technologynetworks 


Tien published his first first-author paper on J. Chem. Eng. Data. Congrats! (Link)


Tien gave his first oral presentation at the AIChE annual meeting in Orlando FL


Tien presented his research results in MACE symposium. 

He is designing new electrolyte materials for batteries using computer simulations


Emmi and Hunter, two undergraduate students (EGR 199), presented their research in the 13th annual Showcase of Undergraduate Scholars