Principal Investigator 


Dr. Qing Shao,PhD (


2018-         Assistant professor, Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Kentucky

2014-2018 Postdoctoral research scholar, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, North Carolina State University

2009-2014  Research Assistant, Chemical Engineering Department, University of Washington

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Dr. Qiao Qi

Dr. Qiao Qi joined the Shao group in August 2020. She got her PhD degree at the University of Oklahoma in 2020. Her thesis is about the reactive molecular dynamics simulations of biomass. She will conduct research to understand and design deep eutectic solvents using molecular simulations and machine learning methods. 

Graduate Students


Nguyen, Manh Tien

Tien had a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from HCM University of Technology – National University in 2014. He has started his PhD journey majoring in Chemical Engineering at the University of Kentucky since 08/2018. Tien joined the Shao group in fall 2018. His research focuses on soft materials for energy applications. 


Usman Abbas Lame

Usman joined the group in December.  He is investigating the mechanisms that govern the application of deep eutectic solvents using computational approaches 


Anthony O. Ramirez (Co-advised with Dr. Pharm)

Anthony is a Materials Science and Engineering PhD student at the University of Kentucky, with a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of California, Merced. He joined the Shao group in February 2020, where he is now researching the properties of soft matter interfaces using computational techniques.  He is also jointly working with the Soft Materials and Interfaces Lab with Dr. Pham.

Undergraduate Researchers


Ji Xiaorong

Xiaorong is a 2nd-year undergraduate student in the chemical and materials engineering department at the University of Kentucky. She is investigating how the molecular structure of zwitterionic motifs influence their charge distributions using quantum mechanical calculations.

Tapia, Joseph​

Joseph is a third-year chemical engineering major at the University of Kentucky. He started in January 2020. He will explore the application of machine-learning methods in materials discovery 

Former group members

Xu Nan (visiting student, Zhejiang University)

Shearer, Hunter W. (undergraduate)

Braide, Tamunoemi Opaki (undergraduate)